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Our ripple effect


A friend, upon reading the lyrics of one of my songs, was inspired to create a ‘song’ of her own. You just never know how your creating is going to ripple outwardly into the multi-verse…

This is a bit cheeky- the wisdom BEing that we never left home- we take it with us as we ARE it.


where’s my girl?
my precious pearl
in all the world
a jewel you be
spreading LOVE quantumly?


Where’s my boy?
My heart, my joy
a spark of prism
now a man
pulsing LOVE since time began…


Cosmic children come home,
where’s home…?
Hear my Voice – Feel the beat
pulse the vibe
BE complete!


It leads U home
Knowing is
the parachute
unfurling ALL seamlessly
rendered free we ALL BE


beyond the veils- ancient veils
hiding tales
o’ the chromosome
we’ve always been no other …than
We are home, YES… we ARE HOME!


(c) Reni Storm 2014

Here are the lyrics to my song


Who’s my mirror
reflects all of who i BE
when love’s the lens
Through all of which i see
It can’t be clearer
Live glass shines silver backed
That you’re my mirror
Love you’re my mirror

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul
Just one look in yours, love, and i remember I’m whole

In the eyes of another
In a gaze full of wonder
Can you see yourself?
It’s where hearts will melt
With a match in vibration
And without hesitation
Can you see your truth
Gazing back at you

Love, thats team heart
We make team heart
And we beat the mind
Thoughts are blind

You’re my mirror
In you i see its me
And love’s our lens
In oneness we are free
It can’t be clearer
Hearts threaded cosmically
That you’re my mirror
Love you’re my mirror

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul
Just one look in yours, love, and i remember I’m whole

In the eyes of another
In a gaze full of wonder
Can you see yourself?
It’s where hearts will melt
With a match in vibration
And without hesitation
Can you see your truth
Gazing back at you

Love, that’s team heart
We make team heart
And we beat the mind
Though it’s no competition
Thoughts are blind
In endless repetition
But we know
That we’re home
Lost in time
Hearts aligned

And who’s my mirror?

©2014 HealingLightWarrior

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Replacing One Concept…With Another: Attachment and Addiction


To fear attachment…to fear addiction…is just as disorienting as being attached or addicted. In any of these cases, one systemic omission of awareness may be observed. We are not being present.
It is one thing to acknowledge that we may be attached or addicted to something. This is a powerful position to be in, because at this point, we are observing what IS, and being honest enough with ourselves to admit it. But it is also a razor’s edge. The mind can quickly pull us from our observation station, even in the most subtle of ways, by deeming something as ‘bad,’ to be forcefully resisted, and avoided. I have seen it to be all to often the case, including in my own experience, that if it is discovered there may be an attachment or addiction energy associated with a certain individual, habit, or thing…the mind enters into reaction mode, and starts to play the opposite game. Just because one approach may be the extreme opposite of another, it does not make it any less extreme. Balance is found in presence.
So, now in reaction to avoiding attachment and addiction, we have become attached and addicted to avoiding attachment and addiction! This conundrum can present itself in very pronounced outward erratic behavior, which can be extremely confusing to those around us. I experienced this recently with a friend, who literally told me that ‘she had to break herself of her attachment to wanting to be my friend.’
In this unfortunate scenario, this individual has been a victim of her mind’s own self-preservation tactics; meaning the mind will take on whatever position it has to, so long as its ‘story’ allows it to remain relevant. It matters not if it entertains opposite extremes. She recognized an attachment to wanting to be my friend, deemed it as something ‘bad,’ and to be avoided, and so entered into that opposite extreme, which as far as I’m aware, she remains in today. This kind of reactive and sudden ‘swap’ of the mind’s position is endemic in all of us, because the mind never wants us to be at peace.
So then here we are, thinking we’re on top of our game, that we must be arriving at a whole new level of awareness…when really, we’ve quietly replaced one concept-based habit with another. We have now sheathed our original layer of attachment and addiction, in a shiny new layer of an attachment and addiction to avoiding attachment and addiction! Do you think that the original observed attachment and addiction have now been addressed?
It is likely the case that we have only added to our mind’s’ ‘rubber band ball’ of stories, which keep us from being at peace. In my experience, the only way for an attachment or addiction to fall out of our lives…is just that; to allow it to naturally fall away. Any time we try and force something, we only end up compounding the core of the misconception that brought it about to begin with. It’s kind of like hammering a nail in too far… Or stripping the head of a screw. In both cases, they become ingrained in the wall. Maybe we’ll paint them over…but they’re still there.
It is the mark of a very awake and aware being to recognize an attachment or addiction, acknowledge its presence, and naturally transmute that energy, without the need for outward reactivity. Attachment…addiction…are not these evil demons to be feared. They are simply the result of our own inability to be present within ourselves, and exist as mirrors, pointing to this truth. If we can hold our presence in observation long enough to clearly see our reflection, we can learn that much more about ourselves. And we don’t have to shun away the world around us to do so. In fact, we may even find we’re inviting it in!
©2014 BEjoyfuLiving

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Are you FEELING the inner rumblings of a deeper purpose in life?


Dear Friends,

this is me BE’ing me, and DO’ing what i DO best. Call or message to book a session by phone this week! I’m SO COMPLETELY STOKED to offer this to the world…

Rates are $111 for one hour, or 90 minutes for $144

Are you FEELING the inner rumblings of a deeper purpose in life, or are you feeling life to be a constant struggle? Honestly, they’re probably the same thing, and you are NOT ALONE!

My sole mission on this planet is to help you remember who you BE

The good news is you already ARE who you BE…so if we can sort through all who you are NOT, the peace you’ve always KNOWN to BE within…will be your experience in every moment.

If this sounds complicated, it isn’t. It is a very natural process, entirely fueled by inner KNOWING, even when our mind isn’t able to comprehend what is happening.

If we can trust that our HEART already KNOWS this love…already KNOWS this PEACE…it becomes easier and easier to reconcile all who we are not, so that all that is left is who we ARE.

All that’s left in the end is the LOVE that we are; and it is from that place that we may create our reality without attachment, in full KNOWING that we are in complete alignment with the source of all creation.

…And that’s when it gets really FUN!

If these words from my heart have resonated with you today, and you KNOW– or at least sense–that I may act as a clear mirror to your BE’ing, I would love to hear from you!

My name is aaron, I am you, and you are me. In the wholeness of creation, we are ONE. Let’s see if together, we can’t shed some layers of who you’re not, and allow the beautiful BE’ing that you are to shine through ever-brightly!

Remember, there is nothing I know that you don’t already know. There is nothing I can teach you. I can only hold the space for you to see you. And I feel it is the greatest gift I can offer to this world.

It’s all about BE’ing. All arises from BE’ing

BE well.


JoyfuLiving | Pittsford, New York/ Kailua, Hawai‘i / Everywhere!

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Surely lately you’ve been noticing through my posts the signs of ‘heartbreak’ I’ve been experiencing. In a world where so many are afraid for others to see who they are, and the travails they’re experiencing in their lives, i share in absolute transparency, knowing so many others can relate. Perhaps this is a story all to familiar to you; i fell deeply in love with a girl who didn’t feel the same way, and it ultimately ended up destroying the friendship. In fact, at the end, she said a friendship never even existed. I found that interesting.

Nonetheless, my reason for writing this today is to talk about vulnerability. In vulnerability lies great power. This whole scenario these past few months presented an excellent opportunity for me to experience being vulnerable, on a level i never have before. For the first time, i recognized that when it comes to falling in love, we have little control. Our being resonates with the heart of another, and there’s little the mind can do to convince it otherwise– try though it may. I had two choices: resist what i was feeling, to ultimately avoid getting ‘hurt’ in the long run, or surrender to the will of an open heart, knowing that in doing so, i would be exploring the very depths of my own vulnerability.

Until she came along, i had never known what it felt like to be in deep resonance with another human being. I cannot begin to describe the level of unbounded reverence i had for this being. I was so sure she was my perfect mirror, in every way. She brought out the most genuinely kind, selfless, and creative me i had ever seen. I would experience tears of joy, simply thinking of her. I loved her wholly and completely. I couldn’t help but surrender to such intense feelings. They were automatic. They came from beyond me. My heart– my entire body– would flutter so intensely, every time i felt the radiance her beautiful being, even so far away. So, i allowed myself to bask in the gloriousness of this, the most deep of human emotion…and it was pure elated euphoria!

I am not going to speak to her behavior, though i will say it presented itself in myriad ways that confused the hell out of me on a very regular basis. She was highly indecisive, and afraid that in choosing one thing, she’d be missing out on so many others. Many times i found that I’d be asking myself; ‘do you still want to move forward with this, even though it might not end up how you want it to?’ And the answer was always a resounding ‘YES!’ In fact, I’d find myself quite literally feeling physically ill if i tried to withhold my feelings. I knew that no matter what, i had to honor my feelings first, even as my thoughts tried at every opportunity, usually in response to ‘information’ I’d be receiving from her, to bail us out of this sinking ship.

This was the first time i had ever put my heart out on the line like this. Previous relationships were just sort of mutual, but extremely tumultuous, nearly from the get-go. There was love, but i wasn’t in love. The flutters, if there at all, quickly went away. Never before had i been in the position where i was the only one who felt something. I was all in. My heart was hers, whether she wanted it or not. I couldn’t hold back the boiling over of love i had to give…and putting a lid on it was only met with an even more fervorous overflow. Each time, i surrendered to what i felt, and it would only result in an even deeper, richer feeling. What exciting, and uncharted territory! The vastness of my being was showing me through the doorway, the gateway, of my own vulnerability, and it turned out i had held the key all along. Surrender. It’s the only key that fits.

I write this now with no regrets, because i loved, wholly and completely, i was true to, and honest with myself, and i did my best– despite the odds. Though it turns out she is clearly not meant to be in my life at this time, it is because of her that i now know, through my own vulnerability, what it feels like to be in that deep resonance with another being that we call love. It is because of her that i allowed myself the opportunity to feel what it feels like not only to surrender to the will of the heart, but also to experience the contrast of allowing the mind to try and withhold that which the heart has already decided upon. Resistance…is futile.

So, i set myself up to sink with the ship, but in doing so, i became the ocean. I realized that there was truly nothing to fear. The difference between what the heart feels…and what the mind projects… is palpably felt. One resonates our entire being in pure euphoric ecstasy, and the other makes us feel physically ill. Going along with the mind’s story only yields temporary satisfaction. Love always prevails.

Though going forward, i will not be so quick to hand over my heart to one who does not value it, who is always looking for something better, i will also not fear being vulnerable once again. I know what it feels like to be in an emotionally abusive relationship from the past, and i now know what it feels like to be in a relationship where the love simply isn’t being reciprocated. Both have cultivated an immense degree of patience within me. Somewhere in the middle…is the balance. And it has required vulnerability to find it. I hope you, too, can allow yourself this great gift of your own vulnerability. I can’t imagine if i cut myself off from this experience prematurely, for the sole purpose of preserving my mind’s own presupposition of victimization. We are here to explore the depths of who we are– not suppress it!

Don’t allow your mind to once again talk you out of the richness of experience of being true to yourself. Her doubts started to become mine, but just as quickly dissolved in the vastness of my own truth. What a gift this was to me, from me, reflected by her. I can only imagine with how good it feels to love another in this way…how incredible it must feel for them to feel the same way, too. That’s next…

So i say with utmost enthusiasm; go out there, in there, up there, down there, and allow what you truly feel from the deepest part of your being to express itself out into this world! In vulnerability comes great power, and you are the key. Surrender to your truth, and your beautiful heart will never lead you astray. In being honest with, and true to ourselves, there are never any regrets.

BE you. BE LOVE. BE vulnerable.

Love, aaron

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Alignment with Higher D “Blue Earth Star” harmonics is recommended for Hue-Beings at this moment


gaia_energy1Terrestrial concepts from prior paradigms are now dissolved and will not hold those attempting to attach to such.

This includes such arenas as “environmental care”, oceanographics, planetary species “saving”, “dangers to the environment”… and many others.

Current supported paradigm includes all dimensional levels of existence and thus, former 3D-only oriented paradigms are not useful, nor results-yielding.

Energy harvesting from such 3D-only oriented paradigms is complete, and has served its purpose.

Higher D “Blue Earth Star” harmonics resonate only with those aligned to such.

Fissures in old paradigm concepts will not allow adherence.

Alignment with Higher D “Blue Earth Star” harmonics is recommended for Hue-Beings at this moment.

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Nova Gaia Energetics have “Taken Flight”


gaia_energy1Nova Gaia Energetics have “taken flight”, as former paradigm energy grids have closed, and necessary Nova Gaia portals have opened.

Energetics are now fully aligned with Ascendant Gaia.

Timelines are now integrated into a single stream, and all discrepancies healed.

Nova Gaia has been boarded, and Hue-manity has accepted fully invitation for the “Higher Ride”.

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Master codes have been enabled for Global Gaia Ascension process…


gaia_energy1Master codes have been enabled for Global Gaia Ascension process.

Expect initiation of events in short order.

Inner application of Higher Intention and Higher Principled morphologies has occurred to a sufficient degree to provide this opportunity for Gaia and all inhabitants, Hue-Being and hu-being.

In-Lightenment is at hand.

Gaia Freedom follows.

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