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Holy ship! Know your cosmic craft in time for the big day…


As disclosure draws ever nearer, and that inevitable day dawns upon us when our skies are filled with all shapes and sizes of brilliantly illuminated colorful craft, it might be nifty to know what you’re looking at– with as much zealousness as a wintered bird watcher in the first days of spring…

Not just recognizing what you’re looking at, but understanding the fundamental dynamics of how these wondrous craft operate will [in my opinion] provide a much enhanced de-cloaking and first contact experience.

And so it is that I refer you to YouTube user,GalacticPredictions, who offers quite an informative catalogue of what I believe is some of Sheldan Nidle’s educational material. I will make the disclaimer now that as well intentioned as our narrator can be, his lack of organization in the presentation can– at times– be frustrating. Nonetheless, I feel this to be an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge pertaining to Galactic Federation ships– and you can as well brush up on your galactic history, all in one place! Galactic Predictions, you have my deepest gratitude for taking the time to make and share these videos.

A the very least, you can impress your friends, saying “hey, that’s a Sirian scout ship!” or “look- a Pleiadian atmospheric mothership!” with a matter-of-factness that will certainly raise eyebrows. Either way, when you see a Galactic Federation ship in your skies overhead, try to communicate with them telepathically. The ship itself is a sentient being, as well as its most well intentioned passengers. Welcome them, our star brothers and sisters, down to our planet’s surface for a joyful reunion. Send them love and watch what happens! Have fun with it.

You never know…you might just make some new friends!


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