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Steve and his crew come up with so many timely articles, and I felt this article, AAM on the Time of Clearing, was one to pass along.

Many of us are having these situations, things, emotions, flash up all of a sudden, right smack in the middle of our faces, that we can wonder “What the he// is going on!!” But maybe it is better to say, “What the Heaven is going on!!”, because that’s what the energies are trying to “encourage” us to do… See clearly what is holding us back, and give us the opportunity to release it. This is apocalypse (unveiling) at its fullest. (and perhaps, “pissing me off-iest”)

Thank you Steve and crew. [comments open 2 days]


AAM on the Time of Clearing
Posted by Steve Beckow

In my private reading with Archangel Michael yesterday, I asked him about Greg Giles’ prediction of Disclosure…

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