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Now this explains why today, mom and I were able to go on our first ever January hike– mind you, we live in the second snowiest city in America; Rochester, New York.

This also corroborates what SaLuSa and Wanderer have been saying; that we will be experiencing far more temperate conditions all across the globe. It’s nearly the middle of January, and we’ve barely been able to measure what short-stinted snowfall we’ve had. To bring perspective to this, last year we amassed a total of 103 inches of fun flakes. We were buried all winter!

I’m interested to see how nature responds…she’s probably ready to go! The wee daisies we spotted in bloom sure think conditions are reasonable enough…

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Thanks to M who emailed me this video. So isn’t this what all these folks (Matthew, SaLuSa, etc.) been talking about all these years?

I have most always paid attention to Dutchsinse’ videos and analysis. I have not kept up with him, but here he is. And here is his blogsite.


This article shows how the pole shift appears to be occurring by looking at the weather patterns. Go to about the 3:30 mark to hear about that (the first part is mostly weather).


1/11/2012 — North pole shifts towards Siberia — warmer latitudes have shifted NW

[KP note: I am only copying the text here; click the header above to see his full article with screenshots]

In the past several weeks (end of 2011 beginning of 2012) .. there has been MUCH talk in the main stream media about the quote “warm / mild winter” that…

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