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This bears reposting. I want to reiterate that any and all desirous of starting their own blog to spread this information far and wide…please feel free to contact me via the comments.



I want to extend my thanks to Steve Beckow for sharing the blog on the2012scenariolast night. Thanks to Pat and BZ as well. Steve is the reason– well the catalyst at least– for me starting this in the first place just two weeks ago.

I want to champion Steve’s cause– well all of our cause, really– and encourage anyone out there who is considering starting a blog to go ahead and do so at this time. Your perspective is valuable, and the world does hear you– and it seems, right quick these days! Never underestimate the effect you can have, simply by putting yourself out there and speaking through your heart. Even the littlest gesture can have profound impact– especially now, when manifestation is nearly instantaneous! All you need do is take the first step.

I want to thank James for contacting me expressing his desire to start his…

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