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A Short Time Off… and a Link to the Latest Nidle…


youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdX_eYoXv8s&w=640&h=480%5D

I agree with Kauilapele here…For the first time that I can recall, Sheldan’s message here seems to vent the frustrations felt by all lightworkers, towards the delay in bringing disclosure about.

Whereas the majority of his previous messages sang to the tune of ‘soon, soon soon’ ‘excuse, excuse excuse’ today Sheldan’s message has taken on a tone I feel many of us can relate to: GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!

Sheldan, or the Sirians he has contact with, are sick of the excuses, which this message makes very clear lay at the cold feet of the ‘earth allies.’ As I piece together the puzzle from my own perspective, I’m starting to gather that there are indeed two separate factions working to bring about these great changes. Archangel Michael also seemed to corroborate and make this distinction when asked by Steve Beckow on his weekly radio show, An Hour With An Angel.

One of them is the group of 127 nations associated with what David Wilcock calls ‘The Monaco Accord.’ This I sense is a very third-dimensional and sociopolitical collaboration, comprising of the heads of government of various non-aligned nations, as well as leaders of industry working for the light. It is this group to which I believe Sheldan refers to when he says ‘earth allies,’ and it appears as if they’ve found themselves akin to a deer in headlights.

No, action will not come from this heretofore brave, yet now stagnant front. Any action, it seems, lies in the hands of the second group, or what Sheldan refers to as the ‘secret sacred societies.’ As I understand it, this includes the Dragon Families referred to as of late by both Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock. David’s research also revealed a core group of ancient protectors who simply refer to themselves as ‘The Elders.’

Yes, it now seems that any distinguishable events–at least planet-side– will arise from the actions and decisions of this small-yet-extremely powerful group of ancient protectors.

As always, this is merely my speculation based on the puzzle pieces I’ve been given. What will happen remains to be seen…

Kauilapele's Blog

As I have finally had the dental work I needed (a double extraction), I am taking a short time off. It may be just a day, a few hours, or a few days. I am going with the flow.

There was a double tooth infection, upper and lower, and apparently the Western medicine was needed to completely correct it. Yet much more was cleared as well (internally), through this whole process. This had to be done.

So I await the release of all of the new technologies (Galactic or otherwise), in particular, the TRD (pronounced just as it it spelled) which is “Tooth Regeneration Device”. I’ve got plenty left, and since being in Peru in 2009, no more metal (amalgams, mercury, silver, etc.). But I will be happy to have all of my teeth replenished when that comes out.

PS I found that the discomfort was managed well by occasionally…

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