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Audio MP3s of Project Camelot Interview 1-24-12: Bill Wood, Q&A with David Wilcock, Kerry Cassidy, and Bill Ryan


This interview fills in a piece of the puzzle so massive, I can’t even begin to tell you how instrumental it is in ‘sealing the deal’ and corroborating all that the channeled messages have said– but from a perspective here on the ground.

I find it jestingly hilarious that everything the government considers ‘above top secret’ has been freely shared with all for some time now via channeled messages…we need only know where to tune in!

Thanks once again to Kauilapele for making this easy to distribute!

Kauilapele's Blog

[UPDATE 1-25-12 2308: If you only wish to listen to a short piece of this, I would recommend the second half of part 6 (the last 20 minutes of the interview). Very uplifting and promising.]

“A LIVE 3 hour marathon Q & A with Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock and Bill Ryan and the audience of some 3,000 viewers … this version has been edited to begin without delay from technical issues in the beginning.

“Bill Wood discusses why his INDIGO clearance which goes above top secret is not well known among Navy Seals or others, his experience with Looking Glass and the convergence of the timelines seen at the end of 2012. He also covers why this is a game changer for humanity and how to discover your own special abilities and powers.

“Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

I am still listening to this one and this will…

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