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The United States is becoming less dense by the day, and I’m witnessing a shift– if but even a small one– in each and every soul with which I interact. Of course, this is more noticeable in those with whom I co-habitate; particularly when it comes to dietary changes.

People want to feel better, they want to cease their own suffering, and even some of the denser energies who had remained stalwart up until this point are showing signs of…lightening up!

Be in-joy, and pass it on to all those around you. Your joy is more contagious than you could ever imagine!

Openhearted Rebel

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Are you beginning now to feel the sweeping energies of 2012, which are to act further upon the drastic shift of your consciousness that has been on a set course since before your incarnation into the bodies you currently inhabit? We feel that many of you are experiencing difficulties and traumas, the proportions of which are so vast that you did not think you would be tested in such incredibly difficult ways.

This is why Earth has been called a Master planet many times, as the lessons which are set for you to learn throughout your venture out of the low vibrations have been especially more difficult than the lessons on many other worlds. You are now in a time of intense acceleration, and waiting just beyond the horizon of the difficulties many of you continue to experience in accordance with your Life plans, are theā€¦

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