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Steve Beckow Proposes A Visit To A Mothership


This evening as I was listening with my girlfriend to An Hour With An Angel, Steve Beckow made what I feel is a most sincere and ingenious proposal to Grener, President of the Intergalactic Council, in hopes of speeding up the disclosure process.

Simply put, Steve suggested that 20 representatives– to which Grener quickly added “a MINIMUM of 20!”– be invited aboard a Galactic Federation Mothership; in this case, the Neptune, so that we may engage in first contact first hand, and subsequently return to earth to share our experience in a very public way.

Grener of course graciously accepted Steve’s proposal, and the ‘pick-up’ date is scheduled for this Saturday, The fourth of February. I felt a very deep sincerity from Grener, and it seemed that he very much appreciated the fact that we’re finally taking disclosure into our own hands. No one is going to do it for us. It is up to us.

Tell me 20 or more human ‘representatives’ of the light ‘disappearing’ for ten days and simultaneously returning with a wealth of stories and galactic technology, openly sharing their experience, will not set forth the ripple effect we’ve wanted and needed for so very long…

It is this kind of creative action that I sense the galactics have been nudging–if not loudly hinting– at for some time now, at least for the past couple of months.

Steve was right; this could really turn the tide…and soon!

Perhaps finally that all pervasive word ‘soon’ will valiantly reclaim its true and original meaning:

adv. soon·er, soon·est
1. In the near future; shortly.
2. Without hesitation; promptly: came as soon as possible.
3. Before the usual or appointed time; early.
4. With willingness; readily: I’d as soon leave right now.
5. Obsolete Immediately.

So to those volunteers– and I’m happily prepared to be one of them!– Saturday is soon!

It’s time we get this show on the road…in space…

I want to thank Steve for taking this bold initiative…talk about one giant leap for mankind!


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