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Mahalo, Kp!

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“…major changes are afoot, that no amount of politrix can change. Money can’t change, it’s the physics of it all. When it’s time, it’s time and that’s all there is to it as sure as the seasons. As I began all those years ago stating, the US doesn’t run the world, it just thinks it does, in a brief moment you will see with your own eyes what I mean. This earth is being returned to it’s pristine state, despite those who think crapping in other folk’s back yards is ok. The us will be put back as it was intended and the folks in the rafters are making it so. We have a constitution, based on the code of hammurabi, the magna carta, and the iriquois confederation, which means it’s not like we don’t know how to live with each other, we just need to remove those who would…

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