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All Is Not Lost


This will be a short but sweet post.

We all know that animals are here to guide us, to keep us company. A word is never exchanged, yet a tacit understanding and a lifetime bond are forged almost from the onset. They may destroy our shoes, steal our food, or leave unexpected ‘gifts’ for us all around the house, but when it comes down to it, our dogs…our cats…are the best friends we could ever ask for.

Whether our experience together is ever so brief, or spanning a couple of decades, the life lessons they bring no doubt demonstrate the wisdom of the ages– and never more so than in the case of cats.

One of my favourite quotes of all time comes from one of my favourite authors of all time, Eckhart Tolle, when he simply states

“I have lived with several zen masters throughout my life; all of them cats.”

I live with a few of them myself.

And so we come to the entire point of this brief post…the divinely profound experience had by my equally profoundly strong twin flame last night as she witnessed her little buddy of thirteen years return to source. I’ll now post her account of the experience, and leave her words to paint such a beautiful picture of what it is to play witness to the divinely ordained and sacredly peaceful process of death. Notice the time.

At 3:30am, I began to lose my friend. He had been struggling to breathe for the past hour. With his weakened body laying on my chest, I began telling him about the day we met. He listened and I knew he understood what I was saying. I asked him to be brave, and in just a little while, he would be walking again with Jesus. He was very brave and fought hard to stay. As I held him in my arms, his front paws suddenly stretched straight out and I knew that it was time for him to go. He was stretching his arms out to Jesus, and at 3:31, Jesus reached out to Timmy and and their souls were united. He became limp in my embrace. I stood up, still cradling him. And there at 3:33, Timmy coughed out the last of the oxygen from his lungs. My beautiful, brave boy suffers no more. His pain is gone and his spirit is flying free.
There is much celebration in heaven today; Timmy is back and he’s brought with him a love that can never be broken, and a story of a silly 18-year-old girl who held him once and comforted him until his last breath.

I’d say rest in peace, Timmy…but I’ve got a feeling you’ve got much work to do in the higher realms!

This post is dedicated in loving memory to Timmy: 1998-2012 Beloved friend and master destructor (and dog evader!)


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