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Poofness 2-12-12…”Hope You’re Ready”… ” Time has come to change the world”

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  • Now, the scary part is at your door, real freedom.
  • After a series of tactical moves behind the curtain, the dark cabals have been subjugated.
  • The smart judges are already getting their ‘common law’ chops up to work in the new system, under a bonafide constitutional system.
  • Time to be adults, take what you want and help others not as fortunate as you. There’s nothing hard about this and you will be helped in your decision making process.
  • The world is bigger than your back yard or your politicians. You will see what I mean very shortly, as some of the ‘sacred cows’ are destroyed or sent to the dustbins of history.
  • Time has come to change the world.
  • Stay loose, world change is here, listen and observe… You will now start using the rest of your senses and brain. Call it a reset.


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