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Is Your Information Enriched With Awareness?


Dear readers, I share with you a post that is as poignant today as it was when I wrote it back in the summer of 2009…another blog in another life. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

We live in the age of In- Formation

I take personal credit for none of what I share here, as we as a human race are one exploratory committee- sharing our findings, our experiences, with one another for the betterment of the whole. We live in an incredible age, an age when information of every size shape and color zooms across the planet in the blink of an eye. However, information alone can only take us so far- it only serves the very limiting realm of knowledge. We can only go so far in a car, before we must take to the skies to transcend our oceans. A boat will get us across, but still we remain on the same plane, the same low perspective. Such is the case with information and knowledge; it does not truly serve us without an animating force back of it- that animating force being, awareness of course. A body without a lifeforce within, is what we most commonly refer to as dead, lifeless. The same goes for knowledge without awareness. We can do things with knowledge, it can be thought about and shared, but we cannot be knowledge, we cannot be information. Look at the word: in- formation, in form. It is merely the body, the land below the heavens. Information and knowledge are only truly useful when they are subordinate to awareness, when they serve the lifeforce that allows us to be. The awareness is the essence of the planet in this analogy; the sky- that which we cannot see but know is there.

What I’m saying here is; we can toss information around all we want- some people drive themselves in circles with it their entire lives- but until we allow that information to serve awareness, until information and awareness are one, we are going nowhere. We must spread awareness as we have spread information. The channels are certainly in place, and awareness is great at disguising itself as information. However, there is a vast difference between information and conscious information, that is, information enriched with awareness in disguise. This vibrates on a much higher plane. This higher awareness is intangible; we cannot see or touch it, but it does have one subtle homing beacon built in so we’re aware of its presence: it feels good. It is that information that empowers us, such as sharing the practices of yoga and meditation, or uplifting books that allow perspective where there was none before- this is what is truly valuable to our civilization.

When the history books are written, they will share the accumulated knowledge of the age of industry; our grandparents time, and the age of information; ours and our parents time, but they will be will writing from the perspective of a new age, an age of which we are just scratching the surface, just breaching the cusp: The Age Of Awareness- or as Eckhart Tolle so endearingly calls it- A New Earth.

Without these stages in the course of human development, we would not be exactly where we are right now. All that has ever happened, however gruesome or unfair, however good or “evil”, needed to happen exactly as it did. These times, especially our current time, have paved the way for the greatest age in the course of our evolution. Never before have we all been so connected, and never before has awareness had such an open opportunity to take flight and flourish as it is beginning to today. We can now read awareness in books and magazines, we can receive awareness in a call or email, an SMS, we can even “tweet” awareness, and have awareness tweeted back or retweeted- or of course, blog it as I am right now. By reading this you are now aware, you had no choice in the matter. If you’re reading these words at the end of this post, awareness has slipped right under your radar, intelligently disguised as information, just as I said it would be! Welcome. May your information always be enriched with awareness…


One comment on “Is Your Information Enriched With Awareness?

  1. This is a new enlightenment. People hunger for spirituality, and ordinary people have mystical experiences reserved for the very few in previous centuries.

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