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2-17-12 UPDATE by David Wilcock…”SIX TRILLION IN “FAKE” FEDERAL RESERVE BONDS SEIZED IN ITALY” and “Lord James of Blackheath” Speech


I give it a matter of days before it hits the mainstream. The fissures are becoming too much; the dam is about to break!

Thanks to kauilapele for always digging through the sand to find the olivine every time David updates. You provide an invaluable service to us all.

Kauilapele's Blog

[UPDATE 2-17-12 1854 HST: Just produced an mp3 of Lord Blackheath’s speech: http://tinyurl.com/6n8qmta (11 min., 2 MB). More information in the article below.]

“The timing of BOTH of these stories is very encouraging. FINANCIAL TYRANNY is now the defining standard of investigative journalism into this subject.

“Now that Zero Hedge has picked up our story, and pointed out our identical Chicago bond chest pictures, how much longer can the rest of the media refer to these cases without mentioning our investigation — or the Keenan lawsuit?

“Whether by synchronicity or deliberate intent from insiders, these events are causing many more people to ask questions — and when enough people begin investigating this subject, the truth will automatically prevail.”

KP: On this page of David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny article (the comments section), David has just posted an update with some recent events. I’ll let David’s article speak for itself.

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