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Poofness for 2-19-12… “The Change Has Come”… “Our job is discernment”… “We must all become adults now”

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Well, this is a Poof I must comment on.

Point 1: after yesterday’s “everyone’s resigning from the banks these days” post, we get an indication from Poof that the reason for this is that the central banks (mostly owned by the dragons) are cleaning house (thanks to everyone for the additional “banks cleaning house” links; I’ll put them in a separate post).

Point 2: “It’s not about handing everyone on the planet 100,000 dollars, people need to be working members of the change. The ‘force’ of the changes.” I say, there are a multitude of ways that humans are being “working members of the change”. Whether it’s physically, or by holding the intent for the change, or spreading the news of the changes, or talking to your Aunty Carrie about what is going on right now so she doesn’t explode with fear, does not matter. We all may…

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