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SaLuSa 2-20-12…”You will become free and with abundance and… will feel a great wave of joy and happiness sweep across the Earth”

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Honestly, for many, I’m sure this SaLuSa spells “Relief”, with a capital “R”. And here’s a statement that bugged itself out towards my mind:

“…even if you are going through trying times now, it may well be the last time lessons in duality are placed before you.”

I mean, how many of us recently have squeezed along with what we had, and been as creative as all get out to just manage to pay the rent, pay the bills, put food on the table (and hopefully, from the table into our mouths)? And how many of us have learned to step out of all those ideas of “lack”, and see, envision, and experience the true bounty of Life itself?

Are we ready to move forward? Upward? I can tell you, I am!! Let’s go!!


  • From one day to another circumstances in your world are changing very rapidly.
  • Our allies…

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