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Matthew Message 3-1-12…”Duality is acting out the final scene of its very long play on the planet!”

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  • It is heartening that many of you have correctly discerned that the Illuminati are using the only tactic left in their arsenal: fear.
  • From our vantage point… few are buying into those [dark, end times type] scenarios, none of which is part of Earth’s destiny.
  • We say “stay out of fear” because its magnified energy prevents light from reaching consciousness, thereby keeping individuals mired in third density, unable to evolve spiritually and intellectually.
  • It is with elation that we see fear subsiding in the collective consciousness, but it’s as potent as ever on an individual basis.
  • During this unprecedented time in the universe, still another means of divine grace is being offered.
  • …through meticulous arrangements to assure that all is in accordance with your laws, the top echelon of Illuminati in the banking and lending industry have been removed from their positions and will face legal prosecution.
  • Within the…

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