We’ll cross that Bridge[Fund] when we get there…


For anyone new to this site, I figure this is a good time to reshare some of my writings from earlier this year that are very much applicable at this stage in the process. In-joy!

Sitting out here in the unseasonably warm January sun of western New York, I find myself feeling compelled to comment on the Bridge Fund so frequently mentioned these days by Steve Beckow and his team over at the2012scenario…

I, like many of you who are aware of St. Germaine’s Trust at this stage in the game, hold great zeal toward the day humanity is free from the shackles of financial imprisonment; shackles only we as a collective could [unconsciously] have perpetuated and bound ourselves to. It goes to say that even those souls with the densest of energies are being given inklings– if only sneak-peeks– that yes, we do create our own reality; and so it is only we as a collective that have [again, unconsciously] allowed this to go on for so long.

That being well understood by now, I want to focus on what this Bridge Fund means for us, the lightworkers, as well as every last soul so well deserving of the equally shared wealth and abundance of our mother planet.

I would sense I’m not alone when I share that I feel these past few years, for me, have very much been about preparing for this magnificent shift we now find ourselves amidst. As heavily saturated laundry on the heavy duty cycle of a washing machine, I have been swished, swashed, mished, mashed, entangled, disentangled, accordioned and contorted in every way– and my what a particularly uncomfortable experience it’s been…for my ego.

As with all good things, the heavy duty cycle in the doldrums must as well come to an end; and with that end– and particularly through the cycle– all the dirt, dust and grime that once abhorred and obscured it’s hosts’ pure natural essence, is washed down the drain and returned to source.

One particular aspect of such cosmic 3-D muck I’d like to focus on is the illusion of ownership; attachment born of a belief in scarcity; ultimately but one subcategory of F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) which may only arise from the illusion of separation.

That age-old lineage now traced, I’d like to briefly share my own experience in hopes that others may relate, and or gain from having yet one more perspective on the matter at hand.

As a child, my room was always a mess. Most of the stuff I had, I didn’t even know why– oh but I “needed it!” You would be hard pressed to get me to throw away anything, even if I knew it was useless trash; it still held some “sentimental value.” What that value was I could not tell you.

This desire to amass whatever I could, followed me well into my late teen years– at one point I had nearly 20 speakers [all mis-matched] set up in my bedroom– and until then it all pretty much remained in one place. Then I moved.

I would say that one never has a clearer idea of truly how much crap they have until the time comes to relocate– and never more particular than in the case of moving over oceans. You may be able to cart all your crap around with you to any point of a continental landmass, but I assure you from experience that when the time comes to physically relocate…oh say to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it doesn’t take long for the harsh reality that you are– and have been– swimming in garbage to settle in quite loudly!

For the first time in my life I was faced with the reality that I may only take with me what I could fit in a few suitcases…and so since 2006 that has been my reality. And I will tell you, I have never felt lighter! Since then, I have lived in homes and apartments, on couches and floors, and at times as an all around nomad…and I will say that no matter where I’ve lived I’ve amassed little more than a few suitcases worth of belongings.

The long and the short of this is that at first by circumstance– and later by choice– I have come to a place to minimum living; of wanting and needing very little. This comes not from a sense of disappointment that I can’t “afford” this or that, but that I truly have no desire for anything but a few essential items that matter based on usefulness– and even those too I sense will soon be obsolete…including this iPhone from which I type to you now. Obsolete of course, by high technology soon to be shared with us by the galactics.

Here I am in 2012. I want very little, I need very little, and all that matters to me are the things that ultimately matter most to anyone really; love, enjoying the company of good friends and family, and of course, good food and water; health is wealth. That’s it.

I care not to amass money, I care not to achieve status, I care not to collect material objects of any sort– or especially to hold them over any other. I don’t particularly desire to own anything, as I understand that what’s really of value is the experience of something, and not its physical or mental attachment. Of the few things I do have, I treat myself to quality. Less is more. Quality over quantity always and only.

And so it is that we stand on the precipice of inheriting our planet’s great wealth, wealth that has always been ours– along with some pretty nifty gadgets from the stars, as I understand it!– and I ask myself “what do I want?” To be honest, I can’t think of much. I want to travel freely, eat well, feel good, and enjoy the company of those who matter most to me– and with the exception of as yet unencumbered movement about my planet, I’m already living that simple joyful reality. And I sense many of us are– even if we’re not yet aware of it.

Particularly in the case of many of us lightworkers, we are already living in abundance, and we have whittled our focus down to only what truly matters. Illusion no longer fools us with its luxurious trappings of ownership and status. Therefore it is my sentiment that we are, alas, ready and in a responsible position to inherit the wealth of our world. Whereas in previous times, we may have abused such a privilege, today we know just what to do. Share.

In fact, I’d have to say the thing I’m most looking forward to is needing to have even less. Imagine with a replicator, one can draw whatever it is they require from the source field– and just as easily send it back to the unmanifested! Now that’s technology at its finest!

When we don’t need much, there’s a lot to go around. There always has been. And with the saturation of our planet in all we could ever require, people will realize that right quick. They’ll return to those same core values and principles that already have guided many of us home. They’ll return to the love that abounds; the love that they are.

So I welcome these wonderful changes with an open heart; knowing full well that I will not abuse what I am given. A greater abundance can only enhance the abundance I’m already experiencing. Freely distributed galactic technology can only enhance our quality of life in every way, and offer us a greater degree connectivity with each other, and with the whole. We have all we could ever need within, and so will find little fulfillment in seeking it without. Soon all shall know this to be true.

To me, this abundance program, NESARA, the Bridge Fund– or anything else anyone is calling it, is about returning us to a state of equilibrium. It’s not about wealth. Wealth we’ve always had. It’s about equilibrium. And it is from this equilibrium that the New Earth shall be born. It is from this equilibrium that the playing field shall be evened for all to create as they desire. And it is from this equilibrium that all that is illusion will melt away for good, to exist never again in the heavenly vibrations of the earth we are creating.

Bridge Fund? Bring it on. It’s time for the abundance we’ve been creating on a personal level to manifest on a global level. It’s time for every last being of this beautiful planet to experience and create as they please, and it’s time– if I do say so myself– to get the show on the road!

It is 2012, after all…and we’ve arrived at the bridge…there’s no turning back now…shall we cross together?


4 comments on “We’ll cross that Bridge[Fund] when we get there…

  1. “…get this show on the road!”; my sentiments exactly!!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Im with you, and so ready – in wealth, health and equilibrium.

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