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Greg Giles 3-3-12…”Your world is to be purified of all that is dark”

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According to what I “read” from this day’s Greg message, just as in the most recent Greg message, we are indeed right at the edge of the major group of arrests taking place. Also I received a communication today from someone who had “heard this is almost done”. We shall see [may be related to highlight 1 in this recent Ben post].

[PS: this article by Greg entitled, How to do Your Part to Spread the News of the Imminent Arrests of the Criminal Cabal, may be relevant and helpful to some]

“Soon your sun will recede below your equatorial line, and when it emerges again your world will have begun its new day. This is how it will happen for you. You will go to sleep at night and when you awaken you will have found yourself emerged in the proceedings you have worked hard…

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