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The Ascended Masters: You are Breaking Spells and Laying Lighted Foundations

Openhearted Rebel

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The finding of Love in its less distorted forms is a process that takes place from the very moment one decides to descend into the lower dimensions, and the path upward is naturally filled with challenging obstacles and stages for one to experience, grow whilst experiencing and learn from. The integrating of lessons through challenges is important in the growth and exposure to each and every molecule and Creation of the lower realms which you wished to experience the full intensity of.

The difficulty of lessons being learned is no stronger than now, with the ascension of you all on dear Gaia’s surface in such acceleration. Have you not been feeling the effects of each and every purity increase? There have been very many recently. As you were made aware of, you have recently passed through a cluster of synchronistic dates which brought Logos energy in…

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