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An Energetic Load…

Kauilapele's Blog

3-6-12 1552 HST

…feels as if it has just been dropped on top of me. There is not too much else to say. It feels as if a dome, or a lid has just been clamped over top of the pan, so I can’t escape, and I have to deal completely in the 3D world for a short time. This is NOT what I’d choose to do. But I’ll deal with it.

It came up with someone who lives here and is not fulfilling the requirements of this house. Be quiet, be respectful, be sober. That’s not happening.

At this time I sense that boundaries must be strongly set, particularly with those who may allow access of lower energies. And right now, the message that has come clearly to me regarding this is to say to that person, “You were asked to fix it. You haven’t. So you must leave…

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