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What are Our Sources Currently Focusing On? | The 2012 Scenario

Openhearted Rebel


Perhaps we can discern some of the themes that our spiritual and galactic mentors are bringing to our attention recently as a means of seeing how the whole 2012 scenario is progressing.

In a recent conversation with Archangel Michael, the Boss said that, while channeled speakers do say things which are consistent with each other, they don’t all use the same language. And that is done on purpose, to appeal to different segments of the population.

So we may not hear things put in exactly the same way, but nevertheless there are themes to what is being said today.   And of course what I focus on is ultimately a personal matter and may not be what you’re focusing on.

The debate continues to rage as to whether channeled sources are reliable. I’ll be writing a few articles on the subject, which reflect my musings over the time of my…

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