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I encourage all who read this blog to welcome our dear friend James to the blogsphere. Here I share with you his inaugural entry. Enjoy!

James McManis

In recent days I have taken the action of sending to everyone I can reach through my electronic and personal networks some rather ‘mind bending’ information.  To review and collapse the information into three sentences: 1) We can expect within the next days, weeks and months a striking number of arrests of very high level officials in government, banking and the military sectors; 2) Upon the completion of these arrests, we can expect the appearance among us of our star brothers and sisters, highly evolved beings from other planets in our galaxy and from other universes, as well; 3) The event described in the first point and the event described in the second are intimately related.

This information, in and of itself, represents a ‘sea change’, a massive shift in consciousness and awareness, associated with our life on this planet, as we have come to know it.  This information is…

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