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Bob Dean Tells it Like it Is…Our Future is Glorious! (mp3)

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[UPDATE 3-7-12 1051 HST: Just added mp3s for the entire video] I’ve just listened to the portion of this video which Kees and Steve recommended, and have made an mp3 of that portion, with Kerry’s volume adjusted so she is easier to hear. Also I am mp3-ing the whole interview, and will add that link as soon as it is finished. So you may click on the link below to hear the mp3. I would encourage all to refrain from buying into any judgement about interview style or perceptions of the interviewer. We are all in this Earth boat together.

33:26 to 41:26 portion mp3: http://tinyurl.com/7b6uzes (or use the player below)

– Complete Video mp3 (also volume adjusted a bit): http://tinyurl.com/75mvxtk
– or in 30 minute parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

[comments open 2 days]


Bob Dean’s Near-Death Experience and Reassignment by the Galactics


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