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Don’t really have much to add to this, except that I knew the solar flares CMEs and all that were blasting something out and blasting us up. Maybe this quite recent post explains some of that.

And speaking of solar, check this out…


  • Sorry the world is going forward, the bridge back to the ‘good ole days’, has been destroyed, not even the pylons exist any more. Exactly what that was, will be explained in the announcements.
  • So, I jumped the gun, last week, shoulda thought about something a trader said once, ‘don’t matter what it is, it takes them a week to do it’.
  • But, I’ll tell you they blew this puppy up a few days ago…globally….all very quietly so no one noticed.
  • …that big solar flare that blew thru here the other day. We got ‘radiated’ and the energy in and around the planet ramped up…

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