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The only thing I can add to this wonderful message is that there is no excuse for not being in-joy at all times. We may not always be happy, but we can always be in-joy. One may experience sadness, yet still be in-joy. Sadness or any other negative emotion is always temporary; joy is eternal. Joy is the very essence of our nature. If we are not joyful, we have fallen from our own grace once again into the cocreation of illusion. Illusion deserves not our attention. Not one bit. Not anymore. Pour joy through all illusion and watch it disappear forever. In-joy! Mahalo VisionKeeper!

One World Rising


For those people who have been following everything going on in the world I would venture to guess most are waiting for the other shoe to drop in regards to what the dark ones have planned next. Unfortunately, that may very well be, they will need a false flag event to throw the world into chaos and make their final move towards total control. So what do we do you ask? Well for one thing do not give it your thoughts or energy! Too many websites out there are covering all the insanity taking place, but in doing so they add fuel to the fire if they don’t remind everyone reading not to give it their energy and thoughts! Remember, our thoughts create our reality. Do you want the insanity to keep going on? If not don’t think about it!!! Concentrate your thoughts and energy on where we are…

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