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I just want to add to this that my commentary from posting this strange article the other day may have come off to some as validating the author. That was not my intention. I suppose what I wrote, although stressing discernment first and foremost, was my way of analyzing the situation and looking for any reason why its contents [might] have any validity whatsoever. There was very little reason, but nonetheless I feel it was a good exercise in testing discernment. Once again, my original intuitive sense of sinister intent on the part of the writer seems to have been right on.

You know how you know something is written in malice? When you read it and feel as if your energy is being drained. Fully trust intuition, and discernment is near- instantaneous!

Be in-joy!

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[UPDATE 3-19-12 1549 HST: A couple of examples of this and an illustration of the premise, “Just because someone writes something online, that doesn’t make it true”. Check Higher Discernment for yourself. Post 1; Post 2 (an “In Response To” Post 1); Post 3 (the original link for Post 2). Have fun checking those out!]

Remember this post, “Be Aware of the Dis-Information by Application of the Best Dis-”Dis-information” Tool Ever… Inner Discernment“? Where the Benjamin Fulford clone post and “this was disinfo” post was posted? Well, I just saw this comment and response at David Wilcock’s Financial Tyrrany article. Read for yourself (I’ve italicized and bolded the highlights from my view).


This has got to be the strangest story ever; Ben Fulford has been missing since 12/13/11 and He was replaced by a Clone. All updates since then I am assuming were…

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