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James McManis

this is the second of a three part blog.  the final section will appear in two days time. 

In the first section of this three part blog we commented upon the challenge facing Lightworkers at the present moment.  Lightworkers are the ground crew for the healing and transformation of Gaia that is now occurring.  A portion of our responsibility relates to alerting other humans on Gaia’s surface to the changes that are already occurring as well as those that are about to occur. 


As we saw in the first section of this blog, other humans await and deserve ‘empirical’ evidence that changes are underway that lie far outside the realm of ‘business as usual’.  We as a collective humanity have been so deceived and misdirected for such an extensive period of time, that empirical evidence is a most important, indeed a vital, element in drawing others into this work…

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