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Part of the fun of this is the absolute surprised, excited, “What the frick is this?” reaction by this young observer. Especially how he carefully avoids the use of any foul language (as if he knew parents may see this)! Striking footage, and much like what was mentioned in one of the Ashtar Command transmissions via Greg Giles (don’t recall which one). Lights of multi colors, and even beaming of lights into the clouds. But the young guy’s reaction was my personal favorite of this one.

Here is what he wrote:

“this is 100% proof of ufo’s over mission bc last night on march 27 2012 at around 7:40 pm a ufo hovered over the tree tops in a quiet neighborhood in mission bc the object went from one color to the next. it was a silent craft and it hovered silently over the houses then shot away in the…

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