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James McManis

That the New World Order has been put in checkmate is old news now to those of us who scan the horizon for the least tidbit of evidence that the forthcoming Golden Age is about to be handed to us on a platter.  The scandalous details of what ‘they’ have perpetrated on ‘us’ dribble forth in internet interview after interview.  Where these disclosures once titillated us and more than justified our outrage at ‘them’, they have become boring and redundant.  We know in all the ways that we can imagine or surmise that bad stuff has happened.  Really bad stuff. 


Now what?  There is a dawning recognition among various Lightworkers that the enterprise of producing and manifesting this Golden Age lies squarely with us.  But how can this be?  David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, Kerry Cassidy, as prominent examples, have stated as much for years.  How is that news then? 

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