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James McManis

A magical moment occurred for all of us when Sheldon Nidle (http://www.paoweb.com/sn042412.htm)

invoked the names of two members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of humanity.  In his channeling post of 4.24.12, Nidle, channeling the Galactic Federation of Light, spoke about the direct and on-going negotiations taking place between the Spiritual Hierarchy and the group collectively known among Lightworkers as ‘the cabal’.  This latter group is also known as the dark or the dark forces, those who have enslaved humanity lo these many eons.


 Nidle mentioned Saint Germain, now serving as the World Teacher for humanity through the time of our passage on Gaia through the sign of Aquarius.  He also mentioned Holy Mother Kuan Yin, who now serves on the Karmic Board.  Both Saint Germain and Kuan Yin began fiduciary trusts of precious metals, one in the 18th century and Kuan Yin in the 7th century…

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