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James McManis

The next challenge in a long, seemingly endless string of challenges for Lightworkers, is to know what to do next.  It is now early May in the year 0f 2012.  Something is certainly happening but exactly what is it?  This is the question of the hour.


Every conceivable counsel for which one could hope and pray has been given.  Ad nauseam.  Where then lies the problem?  Star beings?  Ascended Masters?  Angels and archangels?  Not so much, it seems.  Us?  Who would think!!


Yep, it may again be that we are the ones that we are awaiting.  It always seems to come back to that.  As nauseam. 


The Luciferians (cabal) have been cornered.  Their collective demeanor has become more than a bit disheveled.


To corner the cabal was, apparently, the easier part.  Now the ball is in our court.  The Lightworkers’ court.  Hints of this have been…

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