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As I was listening to the David Wilcock Coast to Coast radio show, I made a few notes, which are below, along with MP3s created. The times in the notes match with the video and the MP3s just below the notes.

Below the video (included here for reference) are a set of MP3s with all of the music and commercials removed (the times of those will not match with the notes).

KP Notes from the Video (hr:min (approx.))

0:23 ETs and Cabal, the Cold War was stopped because nuclear missiles did not work (both US and USSR)
0:26 Apollo 13 was disabled (by ETs?) because they were carrying a nuclear device to the moon
0:28 Information on underground bases
0:40 Information about the dark groups
1:01 About the Golden Age; disaster scenarios not happening
1:13 Military does not want to continue the Illuminati/cabal agenda
1:16 Disaster scenarios not happening

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