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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

From Steve Beckow  – and including Steve’s commentary.(http://the2012scenario.com/2012/06/what-a-time-to-be-alive)

Matthew’s welcome monthly message explains so much that we’ve all been wondering about. He tells us, for instance, that we are indeed correct in thinking that nothing conclusive has yet occurred and that matters will be somewhat rushed in the unfoldment of the rest of the year.

He reassures us that we are correct in believing that the Illuminati still retain some power to work harm, that the galactics are helping us with Fukushima, and that they’re neutralizing the remaining chemtrails.

He reveals that the Vatican is a “cesspool of darkness” and the heart of Satan worship, which must be shocking to many people to hear and may be one of the disturbing things that SaLuSa told us we’d learn. He informs us that that Vatican is also a vast storehouse of stolen art treasures. Added to the Vatican’s…

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