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James McManis

We are poised now to spread our wings and to take flight.  This is no longer rehearsal.  This is our time to fly.  We know we are sovereign love.  We know that we are created Creator.  We engage consistently and joyfully in purposeful choices.  We have entered deeply into unconditional forgiveness about anything and everything that would have hampered our capacity to take flight.  Now we are ready. 

We have now ascended into the air on our maiden journey.  Wow!!  That was simple.  Simply a question of extending our wings, intending to fly and then taking flight.  Now we are in free flight.  Where do we go from here?  And with whom?  Nothing is holding us back.  We are flying. 

Now that we are flying we see for certain that flying is not any more difficult or challenging than suffering or hoping or preparing or waiting.  Or being depressed or…

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