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Found this at 2012 Scenario. American kabuki posts the following as a header, “NOTE: This has not yet been confirmed by 3rd parties.” Here is Stephen Cook’s comment (from 2012 Scenario).

“I’ve been speaking with American Kabuki in the lead up to his interview on The Light Agenda this coming Wednesday and he hinted that one of his sources may have some good news regarding the implementation of the abundance program – soon. I notice he must have had some further confirmation, as he has posted this rumour today.

“This amount of $83 Trillion is a tiny fraction of what is believed to be released, equitably. I repeat it is a rumour, but feel it is important for people to understand that things really are moving on many levels right now. CW is one of American Kabuki’s insider sources”

Note A: “tranche” means, “one part or…

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