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This is today’s Cosmic Vision News show.

Some of the topics are listed below. More detailed information about the show’s topics may be viewed at Greenprintforlife.org.

  1. Mexico Protests… AUDIO clip: Andrew Kennis (RT.com interview)
  2. Disclosure Roundup – Summary of Disclosure-Related Stories
  3. ITCCS Lawsuit – Live interview with Jason Bowman, Citizen Prosecutor
  4. British Banking Implosion (with messages from Galactic Federation)… AUDIO clip: Sheldon Nidle
  5. Death Midwifery – Preparing For Physical Transitions Beyond 3D
  6. Question From Listener re: Alternative Media and News Coverage
  7. Solar News: Major X1.4 Coronal Mass Ejection on July 12 – energies to arrive on July 14-15.

Donations to support the work of Cosmic Vision News is graciously and lovingly appreciated! Donations can be made through PayPal to the email account of: geoff@greenprintforlife.org

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