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As soon as I saw this update from Cobra, it rang a bell. I guess that was my bell. However, it did ring, loud and clear.

One reason it rang so loud, perhaps, was that I had noticed this post earlier, with the rather “strange” title, “Insight and Inspiration Enter as Insinuations are Released.” Well, what does that mean? “Insinuations”?

Here’s two bits that hit from that one:

“Insinuations and accusations about Light Harmonizing Beings do not affect them.

“Those with the closed “insinuationist” minds are dropped from all Gaia ascension activity, entering safe-houses, into safe-closets. These will be dealt with after Ascension, when they are de-closeted.”

After seeing that, and the Cobra update today, it resonated as the same thing. Those “insinuators”, namely, those continually insinuating that Light messages given are just all bull-garbage, will be closeted. Maybe so they don’t get any of that…

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