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This Poof report, like some other recent reports (David Wilcock, Wanderer, others), tells us that things are moving. Just as they have to. With “Order and Efficiency”, like the title says.

It’s been clear to me since at least 2008, that the “dark ones” have been given many opportunities to expose themselves, for who they are… what their intent really is. Whether that means politicians, news organizations, bankers. They are there to “expose” themselves. Isn’t that what “apocalypse” really is (the uncovering)?

Someone I talked with last week mentioned something about the “RV had happened but it’s not showing because certain bankers wouldn’t let it.” And now here is the Poof report saying the same thing. So enjoy.


  • Since 1984, good guys and bad guys alike have known a change in the banking system was going to happen… the bad guys battled to keep…

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