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Well, I just ran across this article by Steve. This is mainly in response to this article on AMN (Drake’s site).

Now, first off, according to the AMN webpage, although Drake posted this, the author was one Douglas (Doug) Hagmann. I did a small amount of internet checking, and found a few articles about, by, for him. Also, here is a link to an Alex Jones show (May 9, 2012) on YouTube with Mr. Hagmann, who appears in the second half of the show. He appears to be somewhat similar to Alex Jones, an exposer of wrongs, and so forth. Until today, I had not heard of him.

Now as far as Drake is concerned (and all of these “workers” who have appeared on our scenes recently), I like to “take the best, and leave the rest”. There is more to Drake’s site and his shows than “Obama…

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