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Here is today’s (7-27-12) Cosmic Vision News show. Tonight’s regular edition of CVN was pre-empted, due to a special breaking news show early today.

Here are highlights which Geoff has posted at the CVN Show site.

  • Sierra Neblina, a Pleiadian, was on the show to share her connection to a potentially unfolding event at the London Olympics.
  • Several crop circles reported recently have indicated that something could happen on or around August 4th.
  • Several messages from channelled sources also had indicated the possibility that something could unfold within a week or two.
  • Sierra shared that she ‘saw’ a very intense meeting involving numerous world leaders, the Queen and members of our galactic families.
  • The galactic families were informing the leaders of the world that they are moving too slowly with transitioning global affairs, and if they were not willing to announce disclosure by or before the 4th of August…

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