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[UPDATE: published at exactly 2345 HST]

I had another title up there at first, but then realized, and strongly felt, that Ireland had to be a part of it. Funny that today while at Java for coffee, a young red-haired boy (maybe 3-4 years old) was running back and forth in the sand, along the rock wall, just enjoying himself there. So here now is this Monty, reminding us of the importance of Ireland to our world, both in the history (the correct history, not what most of our schools have taught), and the energetics of planet Earth. (now, I am also saying that “red hair” = “Ireland”, which I know is not always the case, but to me the message came through that way)

I know many who read this blog will be part of the energizing process, when Monty says, “Ireland has magnificent portals that need to be…

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