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Here is this week’s The Light Agenda with Sierra Neblina MP3s.

Sierra’s story I found very, very fascinating. In particular, many may be first interested in what she says about her presence (as an observer) in a meeting on the opening day of the London Olympics (remember last Friday’s CVN show?). This is discussed in Part 1 (start at 2:45). Now here’s just a few highlights I got, just from that.

  • Attended meeting (via bilocation, in her dream state), aboard a star ship. 50-75 beings in that room.
  • Queen of England was there (THE Queen, in person), and representatives. from US, Russia, China, N. Korea.
  • Discussions were about agreements that had been broken. Each of the representatives had not fulfilled what they were supposed to do, and not released what they were supposed to have released.
  • Something about the royals (England) will come out shortly (not specified).
  • The meeting “coincidentally”…

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