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As I have pointed out before, many events that have been occurring behind the scenes have indicated a mass “de-crappification” going on (see also here, here). Poof compares it to a cleansing of an “impacted” colon. In fact, at the service where I played today, the talk was about cleansing the inner Spirit system, and I pointed out that sometimes we have these places inside where things have got “stuck” (impacted). That’s where people like psychiatrists, psychologists, Reiki, and other healers can come in to assist, and help us clean out the “impacted” parts.


  • Frankly, this whole things has been like cleaning out an impacted colon.
  • For folks intent on keeping the past intact, like horses with blinders, they failed to notice the bridge back was gone. That was the detonation
  • Buddha taught the middle path…staying between the opposing sides and seeing them both…

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