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I Know My Galactic Family is Here, Do YOU???

As a time of great revelation of the truth of our reality is upon us, it’s time we, the people of the planet, take matters into our own hands.

As the governments all across our planet have clearly shown, they are incapable of representing we the people, and have thus rendered themselves obsolete. Therefore the responsibility lies on the people to disclose these truths to one another, as over the coming weeks our governments and borders will become increasingly irrelevant.

I do hope you enjoy this video, from the people of planet earth, making disclosure of our star family officially and widely known. It’s time those who no longer serve us are removed from power; and that simply means that we the human collective consciously choose to co-create a reality that goes beyond their trappings, delays, and all out chicanery.

We have always had this choice, and it’s time we reclaim our full power and responsibility as sovereign citizens of planet earth. While their ‘service’ is appreciated, it is simply no longer needed. Time and time again they have proven themselves incapable of leadership, as there is one thing they have never been able to do– the simplest of all things, really; TELL THE TRUTH.

In-joy, and please share!


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