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I felt this article by Steve Beckow was worth putting out here. I have felt all along that the so-called Libya incident was completely manufactured (by “the cabal”) in an attempt to delay something, cause chaos, etc., etc., etc. And that something was likely NESARA. But the article by Steve formulates what is going on with the prosperity programs upcoming soon, to a theater and home near you…


Much Ado About NESARA: An Update

NESARA is ready for introduction, apparently, and is just awaiting the right moment. At the same time, lower-level members of the cabal, not in containment, are causing as much mayhem as they can and their latest wrench in the works – an anti-Muslim movie – has caused a short interruption. But we’re told matters will soon be back on track.

Perhaps you’re aware, as I’ve been, that it’s been very, very quiet recently, aside from…

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