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This Poof message just came through. Here are my Highlights.


  • The messengers on the internet have been banging away, shouting the blues of a changing world, where no one can figure out who the good guys and bad guys are, just ‘opinions’.
  • Bernanke can’t print anymore because the owners of the fed had the plates melted down in china a couple years ago.
  • Well don’t get your hair on fire now, as you see it happen. This is when you need calm resolve and a clear mind.
  • What to do when the old world is disappearing and it can’t be recreated? Do a false flag like what just happen in the middle east and try and get the war mongering neocons back in office and try to get another war started.
  • This earth is going somewhere and it’s being masked by energetic veils that are like holograms, soon it’s…

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