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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Hi Everyone.  I’ve been following this amazing colloquy with great interest.  Everyone that has posted here has expressed a very balanced and reasonable perspective and your commentaries speak volumes from the Source.  These words resonate with me and they are no doubt helping your fellows find their way through the confusion of the “System of Things.”

For those readers who might be too timid to participate and are wondering what we’re all talking about within the context of this lively discussion of the bright and wonderful future that lies ahead, we’re not saying that time will “run out” on December 21, 2012  and the World will end or that “Ascension” begins at that time and “Them thats got shall get and them thats not shall lose!”  Our Mayan Elders have repeatedly told us that the “New Age” begins as we pass into the Galactic Plane and into the Age of…

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