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Poof points out that what he has been talking about for years and years is now happening in front of our eyes. Exposures are occurring all over the place (as we have seen) and, although the dark ones’ drums are still rumbling here and there, they are without effect.

He also points out that with the “greed” paradigm, “you will not succeed no mater [matter] what clever games you come up with.” Which is why I would point out that many of the former paradigms are not working anymore. So best to identify them, and give them up, for the continually re-newed ones appearing moment by moment.


  • The best is seeing the stuff I was talking about, materializing for all to see.
  • You see, that change is afoot is beyond question, the only debate out here has to [do] with who’s doing it.
  • I was told to tell you…

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