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Mahalo Nui, John, for all that you are, and all that you do. Aloha, Aaron

Jesus through John

Our honor and respect for you grows as you continue, despite the travails of the illusion, to hold your Light on high.  It is a demanding task that you have set yourselves, and yet you hang in there – sometimes with a rather grim determination! – intending to bring love, peace, and abundance to the planet and all her inhabitants, while it seems that all around you people are hollering, blustering, and fighting insanely to protect themselves or to destroy others. Knowing, as you do, that all are one, the insanity of it all can be very disheartening for you.  Nevertheless, you proceed determinedly to spread love – even as many still insist on denying its existence and attempt to dissuade or discourage you from your path – demonstrating to all that in every heart there is a divine spark waiting for the breath of spirit to blast it into…

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